Data Centres + Advanced technologies

Data centres – speed of light towards digital real estate.

Critical facilities are becoming more diverse as technology advances create market shifts. Hyperscale users and increased demand have turned data into the new utility, making quicker, leaner facilities a must. Enterprise and High Performance Computing users recognize the value of critical facilities — connecting to a brand is as important as connecting to the campus. Cybersecurity, new regulations, and open markets are driving new types of critical facilities — from command centres
to high tech factories.

“Even if you own ten or fifteen small operations in a city or globally, with [a digital twin] you can manage all of those facilities in one place and understand what’s going wrong in one place and what’s going right in another. It starts giving you a very clear picture of the issues, from an operational side, from a building design side, and actually from a building asset side, because you actually understand what you’ve got.”

The near future will be defined by automation, artificial intelligence, urban intensification and smart infrastructure.

Data centre architects
data centre architects