Product and Furniture Design

Every product solution we create is aimed at meeting an unmet need in the marketplace, from a office fitout project to Retail projects. That need may be functional, but more often it’s emotional. If the right product doesn’t exist, we work to create it.

Our studio has an integrated approach to design that draws on expertise from different specialist design member, from architects, graphics, to interiors, and now product /furniture design, is an important part of this. Products can be designed in response to a particular building element on a project, like a piece of furniture, office pod, workstation desk, to a door handle, where new solutions are required to meet demanding specifications.

We have started designing an workplace office furniture range designed to solve a problem our designers have identified through their project work on office interior projects: How can you utilize the space within offices for focus work and collaboration work.

Pushing boundaries can be one of the greatest challenges and opportunities for a designer. It’s easy to become reliant on what is existing and readily available in the marketplace, but it’s our job to use past experiences and industry knowledge to create new solutions in areas we see as voids in the realm of design, product and construction.

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