Hospitality/Hotel Sector

Today, leisure caters to a clientele that’s pressed for time as never before, yet still longs to unplug, engage, and enjoy.

Working only in the Leisure sector—hospitality and Retail — MDP + Partners has tapped into this new reality and found that the clientele is supercharging its preferences in a way that affects leisure’s real and virtual contexts. “The customer is king,” says Philip Doyle. “Whether you’re buying a car, shopping for glasses, or booking a hotel, you do your research first. Informed individuals drive the market—they’re not ‘consumers’ in the old sense, responding passively to market cues.”

At a time when the speed of digital technologies is eclipsing what can be done with bricks and mortar flexibility is as important to the overall scheme as the brand itself. Leisure settings need to be very fluid It’s important to stay open and be as fleet of foot as you can to deliver what customers require. You don’t want to lock yourself into something that will quickly go out of date, the rise of interactive design and the use of handheld devices and customised digital interfaces as a means to enrich and enhance leisure activities.

The need to renew

Long-established hotels are re-examining their brand, seeking ways to provide continued value to their customers while making strategic improvements that add more comfort and style—or just a new attitude.

Renovate Property

Renovation is required for many properties—whether due to new ownership, re-flagging, property improvement plans (PIPs) or simply age—and can be implemented all at once or in phases. Public lobbies are renovated to offer a more flexible, comfortable, living room lounge, while upgraded spaces like meeting and conference rooms offer opportunities for increased event revenue. Back-of-house renovations improve operational efficiencies and maximize the use of real estate. And guest room renovations enhance customer comfort and loyalty.