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Our perception of coffee houses are that of places where people who care about coffee origins and community go to experience properly prepared specialty teas and coffees from around the world. A place where one gets their morning coffee ritual, their afternoon tea, a late night espresso and slice of cake. These places are in some manner of our modern living experience, sacred to our hearts, our communities and our routines…

Construction/Fit-out Costs ?

How to avoid the budget trap

This is a question that we get from every client. We can help you plan and project your costs by providing detailed cost estimates and budgets for all aspects of your project before things get out of hand…

Many novice restaurant and cafe owners aren’t ready for the true costs they will incur constructing appealing and competitively-designed outlets. I’m often given a tight budget to work with, this isn’t a problem but it’s not wise, for you or for me, to proceed with an impossible budget. So, if you’re not sure what your project is going to cost to build and if your funds are limited, I can conduct a professional feasibility study. This includes an outline design and independent quantity surveyor will cost and is the only way to obtain accurate costs.

The main reason for cost overrun is rarely an unforeseeable problem but failing to investigate properly and face facts at the start. I find it best to give every project individual care and diligence so you won’t end up trapped without enough money to finish your project, after all, there is probably only one chance for you to get it right.

In order to successfully enter a new market any food or drink outlet must exceed standards set by incumbent competitors.So there is no point in opening a café that fails to meet people’s’ expectations, which will almost invariably have been set by large chain operators spending large sums to attract carefully targeted groups of customers. If you try to launch a new restaurant or café into a crowded market without doing things right you won’t get a second chance. Ugly doesn’t sell. If you don’t spend enough to solve this problem, which may be more that you want to spend, then you’ll probably waste all of your money.In my view, it is a failure to appreciate these simple facts that leads to the failure of most new food and drink ventures.

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