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What makes a great shopping experience?

The most prominent response to this challenge is trying to create an ‘authentic’ experience. People (too often described as ‘consumers’) are actually seeking a giving or caring experience. Authentic is overused, the key is in forming a relationship with the customer, and I think honesty and a sense of caring are true differentiators. As we evolve, the trend will be to have fewer, better designed products, and the sense of caring that goes along with it. The internet can help make a decision, but nothing can substitute for a nicely curated selection and a shop keeper who knows their stuff. It’s the conversation with that shop keeper that elevates the customer’s appreciation and moves the dialogue from transactional to relationship.

1. Let your colourful side show – Some retailers are under the misconception that they have to have a boring space full of neutral colours and accents. While it may be wise to have a few neutral walls if your merchandise is very colourful, don’t be afraid to liven things up with various shades around your retail store. Colour keeps a space looking cheerful and inviting, two characteristics you likely want your employees to notice in your shop. So get creative, just don’t overdo it.
2. Be mindful of your lighting – Lighting is a critical aspect in any store. This is something else you should discuss with your interior designer. If you choose not to hire a professional for advice, try a variety of lighting options and positions. Take pictures of the different set-ups so you can determine which one showcases your merchandise the best.
3. Keep it clean – Do your best to keep your store as clean and organised as possible. Customers don’t want to have to rummage around the shop to find what they are looking for because it is cluttered and unattractive to the eye. Remember, sometimes it’s better to have fewer products on the sales floor than to have a sales floor that’s a big mess.
4. Make check-out accessible – Now it’s time to figure out where your point of sales terminal will go. It’s important your customers will be able to pay in an area that is easy to get to and again, has great lighting. Make this area look especially inviting to encourage spending and increase profits.

Retail is a highly competitive arena. When you are designing a shop, it is important to keep in mind that the environment plays a key role in your marketing and sales efforts. Consider the interior design of the store as your silent salesman putting people in the mood to buy.

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